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Mastering Leadership:

The PhD Training


PhD is an opportunity to master the pillars of leadership and the art of effective communication. It is an opportunity to discover, unlock, and exercise your potential as a master leader

The PhD Training is our elite group-training program for leaders of all kinds: entrepreneurs, coaches, executives, community leaders, teachers, trainers, speakers, and anyone dedicated to elevating their leadership skills.

PhD is designed for Level 3: Leadership graduates who have demonstrated a high level of leadership and are committed to making a profound difference in the world.

It is an in-depth, highly rigorous, six-month program where participants will be trained in emotional intelligence, the art of facilitating workshops, and the distinctions of mastering leadership. It is rigor, excellence, passion, excitement, fun, breakdown, breakthrough, risk, commitment, urgency, and transformation.  

The PhD Training consists of 4 training weekends and 9 modules, the latter of which covers the following topics:

  • Responsibility / Source

  • Listening

  • Personality Styles / Style Flexing

  • Communication / Public Speaking

  • Coaching Distinctions

  • Trainer Distinctions

  • Team Building / Alignment & Consensus

  • Context Setting / Organization & Structure


Each student will be accepted based on their demonstrated commitment to transformation, excellence, and results. Upon completion of PhD, each student will receive a formal evaluation and recommendations for further development.


Graduation in excellence from PhD is a prerequisite for becoming a Trainer Intern, though does not constitute a guarantee of being accepted as an intern.


  • Differentiating and exhibiting the distinctions of effective leaders

  • Embodying rigor, committed action and urgency

  • Creating team unity in high-stress and tight-deadline environments

  • Operating from responsibility and accountability

  • Learning your own leadership style

  • Learning how to effectively communicate to people with different personality styles

  • Handling interpersonal challenges and conflicts

  • Living what you learned in Discovery, Breakthrough, and Leadership in all aspects of your life


There are three payment options for the PhD Training:

  • Option #1: Pay in full by First Weekend 

    • $495 to enroll.

    • $3,000 due by First Weekend.

    • Total: $3,495 (save $1,000)

  • Option #2: Two payment installments

    • $495 ​to enroll

    • $2,000 due by First Weekend

    • Remaining $1,500 due by Second Weekend

    • Total: $3,995 (save $500)

  • Option #3: Monthly payments

    • $495 ​to enroll

    • $500 a month for 8 months

    • Total: $4,495


PhD 1

PhD Training:

  • From TBA - TBA

  • Four Training Weekends:

    • TBA

  • The dates of the 9 Training Modules will be determined by the students

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